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Popplewell's from England

Jack Popplewell is a popular and successful writer in Great Britain. Born March 22,1911 in Leeds, Yorkshire, Popplewell grew up to be a farmer, composer, and lyric writer. He also is the author of numerous theatre plays, among them Blind Alley, Dead on Nine, Policy For Murder and Busybody (which premiered in London in 1964). His plays have been produced throughout Europe as well as in Israel, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Sadly, however, he is not too well known in Germany, where Busybody ran under the title Keine Leiche ohne Lily. At the end of the 1996 Bamberg theatre season, the student cast of the Bamberg University English Drama Group presents this wonderfully funny genre play on stage in the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Theatre's "Studio am Markusplatz".



Family 1: Thomas NICHOLS

  1. +Anthony NICHOLS
  2.  Robert NICHOLS
  3.  John NICHOLS
  4.  Richard NICHOLS


With the exception of the most recent events, all these births and marriages

took place in rural Essex, in the area near Walton on the Naze or



*Robert Popplewell (d ?1771) married Mary Crisp in 1749 at Kirby-le-Soken.

They had four children:

Mary (b 1750, d 1751)

John (b 1753 d 1754)

Mary (b 1757)

*William (b 1761 d 1822)


*William Popperwell married Mary Lay in 1788.

They had five children:

William (b 1789, d 1791)

Mary (b 1790)

John (b 1792)

*William (b 1794)

Robert (b 1797, d 1797)


John Popperwell married Maria Young in 1822 at Walton-le-Soken.

They had six children:

?Mary (no details)

Sarah Ann (b 1823; married Reuben Leavett)

Robert (b 1825, d 1900; married Sarah Ann (b c1832, d 1914); 13 children,

details available)

Martha Lay (b 1829, d 1830)

William (b 1831)

John (b 1834; married Mary Ann, 7 children, details available)


*William Popperwell married Charlotte Kirby.

They had 9 children:

Mary (b 1830)

William (b c1823)

John (b c1835)

James (b c1836)

*Alfred Robert (b 1839, d 1924)






*Alfred Robert married Hepzibah Hewes in 1864.

They had 13 children:

Hepzibah Annie (b 1865)

Charlotte Ellen (b 1866, m G Taylor)

Emma (b 1868)

Ellen Annie (b 1870, d 1958)

Annie Victoria (b 1873)

William John (b 1875, d 1899)

Alfred Charles (b 1877, d 1949)

John Samuel (b 1879, d 1927)

James Walter (b 1882, d 1952)

*Walter George (b 1886, d 1966)

Elizabeth Hannah (b 1889, d 1980)

Rose (b 1891, d 1892)

George Frederick (b 1888, d 1906; reputed to have been adopted)


*Walter George married Hannah Rose in 1912.

They had two children:

Ronald George (b 1914, d 1983)

*Stanley Walter (b 1920, d 1990)


*Stanley Walter Popperwell was my father. My only sibling is Stephen Walter

Popperwell who lives in New Zealand.


Asterisks denote my direct ancestors. Spellings in the original church

registers are very variable: Popperwell and Popplewell are interchangeable.

Most signatures are X!

sent in by

Andy Popperwell

Cardiff, South Wales