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This is list of Kinfolk...
Some are clickable for photos and info, some are not.
They are grouped in the country they are from!

John Popplewell Brought to America in 1635 by James Knott!
He was an indentured servant...

Arthur Popplewell son of John. ?-1735

Hack Popplewell Died 1793...Fought in the 'Revolutioary War'
against England! He was in the navy, and given
a land warrent for services rendered.

 Isaac Popplewell 1760-1813 Son of Hack, took his
inherited land warrent and
claimed land at
'Wolf Creek, Kentucky'!
In 1806 Isaac Popwell appointed to be surveyor
of part of the road leading from Buckhannon's
foding on the Cumberland River to intersect
the road leading from Moses Manns
to Bairdstown, which
lies between the said river and
Wolf Creek.
(The original Issac was a surveyor and a farmer!)
Nov.8, 1803 Isaac "Popwell"
made proof for 78 acres on Wolf Creek,

Soverign Popplewell 4/5/1787 - 9/1/1866 Had two wives, one
Nancy Denton who died in 1822.
Then married Josiah Barnes widow.
.Mary Collette
(Polly) ! In 1806 "Sovern" Popplewell
made proof for 100 acres on wolf creek.
He and some of his sons migrated to Missouri.

Richard Popplewell 1810-? Born Adair Co. Kentucky..
.Died Miller Co. Missouri.
Since no photo
so far is available, here is one dedicated to the suffering
during the 'Civil War'.
Its big but worth the wait!

William C.Popplewell 1859-1922 Died in Eureka Springs Arkansas.

John F. Popplewell 1904-1961 Born Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
He was a rancher and a mechanic.
he owned his own shop at the time of his passing in
Parlier, California. He raised his family in Reedly,
California, for most of the time, on a ranch outside of town.
Thats where this photo was taken.

Paul Popplewell 9/9/1928- 12/3/02 Born Eureka Springs, Arkansa,
in the family home with a midwife attending...
he was in the Navy, and became an Electrician after
trying his hand at plumbing,
where he stayed until he retired. He was always the bossman!
Passed away at his home in Bakersfield, Ca.
He always said the only way he would leave his home was feet first.
Thats how mom had him taken out the night he left us. Miss ya POPS!

Tim Popplewell 10/31/1953- Born on Halloween and suffered
for it every year since.
Place of birth was Farmington, New Mexico.
Became an Electrician like his father and many other Popplewell men.
He has a stable in Bakersfield, California
called Sioux City Ranch! Pretty good artist too!

John S. Popplewell 4/4/56- Born in Farmington, New Mexico.
He was in the Navy, and became an
Electrician like the rest of the men in his family.
He has a love for horses , and funny stories.
He lives on a small ranch in Bakersfield, California.

Sean Popplewell 8/12/73- Son of Tim, Born in Bakersfield, California. Lives in
Vancouver, Washington where he is raising his family.

James Franklin Popplewell 2/7/51 (Frank) born Laffayette, Indiana

Robert Popplewell Owns 'Brazo River Rattlesnake Ranch' in
Santo, Texas! Better known as 'Bayou Bob'

Adam Popplewell Son of Bayou Bob Popplewell...
Better known as the Vet of the family


George Popplewell A Bootmaker that lived in Bondi Beach, Australia
at the turn of the 1900's. Here is a copy of his Marriage
certificate dated 1899! They are Steve's ggrandparents.

Steven Popplewell 8/12/71- Raised in Bondi Beach on the outskirts
of Sydney! Musician and Computer's are his life. (Not to mention surfing,
when the waves and occasion rise) Loves to travel, and
participate in stage performances of any type.

 John Popplewell This is a picture of him and his family taken in 1995.
They live in Canberra, Australia


Nick Popplewell A world-class prop and one of
the best performed British Lions
on their tour of New Zealand in 1993,
Popplewell had the honour of captaining
Ireland in their World Cup pool match
against Japan last year. A strong
scrummager but also a tireless worker around the
field, he is a damaging runner
with the ball in his hands. In a better pack he
would be even more explosive.

New Zealand

Group photo This was taken at the 150th annivesary October 2001
of the Popplewell landing at Lyttelton
Landing This is port of Lyttelton where Joseph and Susannah
landed 150 years earlier
These two are the oldest and youngest descendants at the reunion.
The oldest is Alice O'Malley, at that time 96.

Cake is the cake specially made for the reunion dinner. The two flowers
are the white rose of York, representing the place
they came from, and the New Zealand national flower, the Kowhai.

Grave is Joseph Popplewell's grave in Christchurch.
It had no marker on it until the reunion, so that
was one of the main events of the weekend.